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Larned, Kansas

1949 JD Combine 2004 JD STS combine

Welcome to our website.  We are a 50-year-old family harvesting company based in Larned, Kansas.  We travel through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, S. Dakota, N. Dakota, & Montana where we have many loyal customers and friends. 

We use New John Deere Equipment cutting Wheat, Corn, Milo, Soy Beans and other crops. We are members of the US Custom Harvesters, Inc.  If you are interested in having your crops cut or are looking for employment please use the contact information at the bottom of this page.  We look forward to hearing from you.


If you would like to come on harvest this year email us at NoldeHarvesters@gmail.com, please contact us ASAP to reserve a position.  It is just about time for us to reserve our H2A visas and we need to know how many we need for this year. The more Americans we can get for the job the fewer visas we will require.  We have positions for CDL truck drivers (will train), combine and tractor drivers.

Hiring is usually done early in the year.  We try to hire all American Workers but when we cannot find enough workers we use the H2A Visa program where we have hired New Zealanders, Australians, Danes, Irish and South African Workers.

2005 Nolde/Gleason Crew consisted of Americans, Australians and Danes. Luke, Ingo, Henrik, Prior, Ed, Alex, Mark and Scott.  Thanks Guys, it was great.  Hope to see you again.


Our site contains a photo album of past harvests.  Click on photos link to the left and enjoy the scenery.  I will try to add updated photos throughout harvest.

Kristopher Nolde age 4 - call sign 'Kritter'

You are welcome to get on our blog and ask questions or make comments. Once harvest starts I will try to make a daily entry in the blog letting anyone interested know what is happening on the harvest run.
Kristopher, Tyson and Marcus, the next generation of harvesters.

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